BOOK CORNER: Author helps readers go from darkness to light in new book

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Deacon: An Unexpected Life” by Thomas Fargnoli takes readers on the author’s journey from darkness to light following the suicide of his wife.

“Losing a spouse of 40 years is devastating, but grieving the loss of your loved one to suicide is much more intense and complex,” Fargnoli said. “What made the grieving even more intense was that I was a deacon.”

Inside the book he shares with readers the steps he took rebuild his life.

“I enjoyed many aspects of being a deacon, but preaching and service were at the top of the list,” said the author. “It occurred to me that even though the Catholic Church would not allow me to continue my ministry as a deacon if I decided to pursue another relationship, I could still preach and provide a service to people through writing.”

“The Deacon” is intended for anyone who has experienced grieving, suicide, loneliness, rejection and those wanting to establish a relationship with God.

“My book is my story — a true story — with a touch of fiction to bring the events together in a way that will move my readers, in a way that allows them to experience not only my events but to see their own unexpected events in a different light,” Fargnoli said.

“The Deacon” has already resonated with the lives of many readers.

“Readers shared with me how my story did in fact help them cope with the pressures of life — the loss of someone they loved, and how they felt comforted, even in their loneliness,” Fargnoli said. “They felt a joy come over them as they strived to be more compassionate and build relationships.”

Fargnoli said he hopes that through him sharing his journey, readers will be inspired to find hope, faith, love and peace.

“My story did not end in pain and darkness and neither will others’ stories if they hold onto hope — a hope based in love and understanding,” Fargnoli said.

In addition to being an author, Fargnoli, now retired, enjoys traveling and ballroom dancing with his wife. He is based in New Jersey. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“The Deacon: An Unexpected Life” is available for $6-13 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All proceeds from the book go to Suicide Awareness.


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