BOOK CORNER: Author highlights power  of self-love in new book

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Dear Jane, It’s Not Me … Saying Goodbye to Self-Criticism and Hello to Self-Love, Courage and Confidence” by Lori Gentles is an exciting new book that empowers readers to look within, fall in love with themselves and attract the love they deserve.

The book was inspired by Gentles’ passion to help others embrace their greatness and achieve their goals.

“So many are not truly happy with their life, and not confident or courageous enough to do the self-examination and reflection necessary to create change,” Gentles said. “Some people just don’t know how and so my book not only gives people permission and encouragement to change, but it also gives them practical confidence building techniques to do so.”

Inside the book, Gentles presents the 7 Rs that will aid readers on their journey of self-development. They are: Release, Regroup, Redirect, Recover, Rebuild, Remember and Reflect. Throughout the book, Gentles also shares her own journey to clarity, confidence, self-love and courage.

“What I really like is that I share my personal story, then give the reader a chance to reflect upon their own story,” said Gentles. “This is where learning and change happens. People need to do the deep work themselves, but by telling my story first, I give them permission to then think about their story.”

“Dear Jane, It’s Not Me…” can be enjoyed by readers young and old as it teaches confidence building and effective decision-making skills that can be beneficial during all stages of life.

The book will no doubt encourage readers to walk in their fullness and to be the version of themselves that they are meant to be. 

“I want people to practice what I’ve coined as iChoice = intelligent, intentional, inspired, individual choice,” said Gentles. “By practicing iChoice, readers will begin making choices that align with their goals and stop listening to negative voices intended to distract them from their purpose.”

In addition to being an author, Gentles has a career in human resources and started her own consulting firm. She is also an inspirational speaker, educator and CEO of the Choices Company. Gentles lives in Los Angeles.

For more information about the author and to stay up to date on upcoming book signings or trainings, visit or Instagram @weareichoice.

“Dear Jane, It’s Not Me … Saying Goodbye to Self-Criticism and Hello to Self-Love, Courage, and Confidence” is available for $12.99 online via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookselling outlets.

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