BOOK CORNER: Author merges romance thriller with self discovery in new book

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Alexia, a smart, wealthy, yet troubled young woman, has woken up embedded with a knife. With no recollection of how this happened, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, that includes sex, deep passion, therapy and a courageous pursuit of the truth of her world.

So goes the new thriller “Chase the Girl” by Anastasia McIntosh.

It was important for McIntosh to create a book that was not only a romance thriller but also incorporated self-help.

“It was important for me to create my book because I really wanted to provide entertainment to readers so they could escape the stress of their world,” said the author. “As well, I wanted to help, inspire and motivate my readers, which is why I created a book that is both a romance thriller with action, cars, drugs, alcohol and sex, as well as incorporating a self-help blurb at the beginning of every chapter.”

“Chase the Girl” is intended for persons aged 18 and older. McIntosh hopes her book is both entertaining an insightful for readers.

“I genuinely want my readers to be entertained by the story line and the characters, and to be able to escape their own world while reading my book,” said the author. “At the same time, I want my readers to gain insight into what mental health issues are and share with them that they are not alone should they be living with mental health issues.”

Inside the book McIntosh also reiterates the important life lesson that “success occurs one step after defeat.”

“Success is rarely a straight and easy road; it can be quite challenging,” said the author. “Sometimes you have to change direction, change your way of thinking, or veer off in order to be successful; never quit … after all, the enemy of success is giving up.”

“Chase the Girl” is the first installment in a book series. McIntosh is currently working on the second book, which will be a continuation of the first book.

In addition to being an author, McIntosh is a correctional officer. She is based in Toronto, Canada. To connect with the author visit her on LinkedIn – Anastasia McIntosh or Instagram – @Amamzzz.

“Chase the Girl” is available for $9.99 on via Amazon, Pegasus Pubishers, Booktopia, and other bookselling sites.



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