BOOK CORNER: Author writes new fantasy novel ‘Sage’

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By Marissa Wells, Contributing Writer

Sage, a businesswoman, wife, mother and insomniac, lives life on the edge.

She finds herself leading a dual existence as she shifts between reality and insanity. During her sleepless journeys she follows worldly creatures to higher dimensions, where she finds her immortal lover.

In “Sage,” by Wendy Anne, readers will journey with Sage as she navigates her double life. The book was inspired by Anne’s passion for writing.

“I’ve always written, be it poetry and short stories, or some form of activism, and in 2009 I was heavily encouraged by loved ones and fellow artists …to take it a step further and create a fiction novel,” said the author. “As far as the novel itself, all that’s inspired my life and future aspirations, particularly fellow artists and dreamers heavily influenced the creative process.”

The book chronicles moments in Sage’s life, most notably her journey through navigating life as an empath. In addition to regular text, Anne uses poetry and ‘quoetry’ in the manuscript as well.

“I try not to go too far with the poetry,” she said. “I don’t want to lose the readers whatsoever so I have to tailor the events to something that’s romantic for example.”

“Sage” can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

“My book isn’t exclusive to a certain crowd or genre, but its overtones are heavily influenced by immortality, love, and relishing in all of the senses that carry the dialogue across many important spiritual lessons,” Anne said.

It is the author’s hope that readers are moved by her writing in some way.

“Every reader is different, though I believe most readers are seekers who take the extra effort to exercise their minds to be entertained, in a world where there are so many easier recreational mediums,” Anne said. “I hope that they find my writing worth their effort, whether they want to be entertained, learn, connect, or escape reality for a little while.”

“Sage” is the first installment in a four-part series, “The Ascension.”

In addition to being an author, Anne hosts a podcast that revolves around a tribe of 22 people and their creative outlets. She is based in Massachusetts.

“Sage” is available for $21.95 on, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. An e-book is also available.

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