BOOK CORNER: Author’s first book reveals story of survival and grace

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Darkness Was My Candle: An Odyssey of Survival and Grace,” by Lora DeVore, is a compelling new memoir that details the author’s story of perseverance in the face of adversity growing up in the late 1940s through present day.

In the book, DeVore discusses the events of her early life being born into poverty and violence and her institutionalization in a psychiatric facility shortly after beginning college.

It is her first full-length book and was inspired by the transformative power of humanity.

“I’m inspired by the human capacity to grow and change and be profoundly impacted by others,” DeVore said. “I wanted a way to bring to light how one individual can help change a person’s day or life by simple acts of compassion and kindness, I wouldn’t be alive today had it not been for many individuals appearing in my life at pivotal crossroad moments.”

It was important for DeVore to write a book that would not only be inspiring to readers, but also offer guidance.

“It is my sincerest hope that this book will contribute to the shift in the collective consciousness and change the next chapter of history,” said the author. “May it also provide a roadmap of how it is that we can survive the unspeakable and keep our integrity and spirit intact during profoundly challenging times.”

“Darkness Was My Candle” was written for the general public as well as health care professionals, teachers, probation officers and child protection workers.

“I wrote the book in order to speak for those who have never had a voice and to reveal the dark history of psychiatry and help to shift consciousness around mental health care in this country,” DeVore said. “I also want to inspire others with the message that no matter what traumatic events you have been through, you can fully recover; resilience and post-traumatic growth is fully possible.”

It’s the author’s hope that readers are inspired after reading her book and that they have an “increased awareness of the generational effects of war, mental health, hope and healing.”

In addition to being an author, DeVore is a therapist and educator. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Darkness Was My Candle: An Odyssey of Survival and Grace” is available for $22 (paperback) and $17.99 (Nook, Kindle, etc.) via Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. It may also be ordered through local book stores.

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