BOOK CORNER: Author’s memoir shares story of survival, abuse and triumph

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Lies I Tell,” by Marlene Hickman, is a compelling memoir of survival that chronicles the author’s traumatic beginning in Jamaica where she experienced abuse and her eventual escape to New York at the age of 17 where she faced more adversity including homelessness, pregnancy and being undocumented.

Hickman was inspired to write this book during her time working in the In-Patient Psychiatric Unit of a New York City hospital.

“I realized that more than half of the individuals had a history of childhood trauma of sexual and physical abuse similar to my story,” Hickman said. “I realized how defeated some of them had become due to the long-term impact of childhood abuse on mental health and I decided to share my story.”

It was important for Hickman to produce a book that sheds light on child sexual abuse.

“I created my book to create awareness on the secrecy that surrounds child sexual abuse in society with the goal that awareness will protect our children,” Hickman said. “As well as others that have been impacted by abuse will realize that they are not alone and hopefully seek help.”

Some of the life lessons inside the book center around resiliency, perseverance, hope and faith required to achieve success in the midst of circumstances.

“The Lies I Tell” is intended for readers young and old.

“My audience is the person that is struggling with a history of abuse, the child that is being abused and for all individuals who work with children,” Hickman said.

It’s the author’s hope that her book proves to be impactful for those that have encountered abuse, especially.

“I hope my readers that have been impacted by abuse will realize that there are others that share their story and to stop self-blame,” Hickman said. “I also hope that readers will create awareness that the abusers can be the people that should protect the children and that childhood abuse can occur in any household.”

In addition to being an author, Hickman is a clinical therapist. She is based in Clearwater, Florida. To connect with the author and learn more about her work, visit her Instagram @Marlene3400.

“The Lies I Tell” is available for $15 (Hardcopy) and $9.99 (digital copy) via Amazon and all other digital bookselling platforms.



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