BOOK CORNER: Bad dreams personified, children  empowered in nursery rhyme

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Catcher Dream,” by Kelly Anne Manuel, is an exciting new nursery rhyme that tells the story of the child who is invited on a journey where self-empowerment is modeled through an interaction between the narrator and a fictionalized character, the Catcher Dream.

“The Catcher Dream” is one of more than two dozen children’s books that Manuel has written to encourage and empower young readers aged 4 to 8 years old. 

“The book was inspired by my thoughts about a dream catcher and how it is supposed to protect bad dreams from entering the sleep cycle,” Manuel said. “My own life journey has brought me to a place where I recognize the need for discussions about boundaries, safety and self-respect in children’s literature.”

It was important for Manuel to create a modern-day nursery rhyme that could assist children in healthy communication skills. Through the book, young readers will learn how to manage conflict by observation and learn that they are in charge of safeguarding their physical and emotional space.

“It models the importance of assessing a situation in real time by processing what feelings arise during an interaction,” Manuel said. “It is important for a child to hear a story that they will remember with the aid of rhyme that has the byproduct of empowerment.”

“The Catcher Dream” will not only prove to be entertaining to readers but also supportive as they navigate their lives.

“My favorite part of the book is when the hero is able to see some progress made by the villain but still stands firm in the conviction that The Catcher Dream has to go,” Manuel said. “The ending is so fulfilling in its integrity that I never tire of reading or reciting it myself.”

“Out of all my 31 modern-day nursery rhymes, this is one of the most serious topics that I tackle,” Manuel said. “The amazing illustrations do reflect how emotional it may feel to encounter The Catcher Dream.”

All of 31 books will be turned into audio/video format and are set to be available to view/listen this month.

“The Catcher Dream” is available for $12.95 (soft cover) and $3.99 (e-book) on Amazon and other retailers.

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