BOOK CORNER: Kobe Bryant co-authors ‘Geese Are Never Swans’

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Wave Staff Report

Granity Studios has released Geese Are Never Swans,” created by the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant. This new novel, written in collaboration with Eva Clark, is a story about a young swimmer who struggles to overcome his grief and personal torments while finding his rightful place in the world.

The swimmer, Gus, is about one thing — swimming. He is determined to make it to the Olympics and knows that the only coach in town who can get him there is coach Marks. His plan is simple: convince coach Marks to train him, believing that with hard work and practice, his entire life will fall in place. But, there are major complications along the way that could unravel Gus’ perfect plan.

The book reveals both the punishing and healing nature of sports. Gus’ rage threatens to swallow him at every turn. He’s angry at his brother, his mother, his coach . . . and even himself.

As he works through his feelings and towards his goal of becoming a great swimmer, Gus does everything he can to channel his anger into excelling at the sport that he loves, finding solace in the same place he must face his worst demons: the water.

Geese Are Never Swans” marks Granity Studios’ fifth novel, and the first in the young adult category. The work combines characters on the cusp of adulthood, great writing and a love for sports.

Readers also will discover original artwork commissioned by Granity Studios for the novel.  In partnership with Yosi Sargent at TaskForce, Granity identified and worked with the following artists to help bring Gus’  story to life: collage artist Bedelgeues, painter Deedee Cheriel, abstractionist Adam Enrique Rodriguez, and graffiti artist Augustine Kofie.

With a strong level of detail and care that has gone into the bigger message of the book, Geese Are Never Swans” features partnerships with various artists and organizations in the mental health community, including student-athlete resources provided by the Hidden Opponent and the Michael Phelps Foundation.

Co-author Eva Clark is a psychologist and an award-winning young adult novelist. As a psychologist, she focuses on mental health, social justice and sports. As an author, her focus is on creating stories that help young people discover their best selves. Clark lives in California with her family.

“Geese Are Never Swans,” is available everywhere books are sold for $18.99. More information on the novel can be found at

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