BOOK CORNER: New book encourages readers  to let go of fear, find purpose

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“From Fear to Freedom: Embracing Redemption Through the Blood of the Lamb,” by Bridget Ledesma, is a moving new spiritual study book that invites readers on a profound journey to unravel the chains of fear that bind them and move toward transformation, healing and liberation.

“The message is one of surrender: readers are encouraged to release their fears, insecurities and past failures to God,” Ledesma said. “To discover that genuine freedom lies in embracing their identity as children of God, living in the grace and power of His Word, and walking in obedience to His guidance.”

Ledesma’s personal experiences and battles with fear served as inspiration for her book.

“My own journey, afflicted by the struggles and challenges I’ve faced, has set the foundation for me to take this step,” the author said. “Growing up with unaddressed fear, which became an unnoticed companion in my life, is what I think many can relate to.”

Some of the fears addressed inside “From Fear to Freedom” are loneliness, rejection and self-esteem. Within the book, Ledesma includes scriptures, explanations of scriptures, questions and exercises for readers aimed to help them face and overcome their fears.

“From Fear to Freedom” is intended for a universal audience and Ledesma hopes readers gain “spiritual growth, feel empowered, healing, find support and above all experience God’s love.”

Ledesma’s favorite part of her book is the discovery portion.

“When I began to discover the fears in my life and write them out and how they have robbed me, I was able to identify exactly what I needed to pray for and bring those emotions and concerns to my lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Ledesma said.

In addition to being an author, Ledesma owns a pressure washing service company in Inglewood. She is based in Los Angeles. To connect with the author, visit her via TikTok @arosestory.

“From Fear to Freedom” is the author’s first book. Ledesma will host a book signing at 4 p.m. Dec. 9 at Victory Outreach Church, 5529 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles.

“From Fear to Freedom: Embracing Redemption Through the Blood of the Lamb” is available for $25 on Amazon or by emailing

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