BOOK CORNER: New book provides advise on sticking with marriage for wives

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Tania Chapman Scott

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Marriage Glue: Sticking to Your Vows Even When It Hurts,” by Tania Chapman Scott, shares the author’s story of how she almost gave up on her own marriage upon learning a big secret her husband kept from her.

Inside the book, Scott candidly shares 20 years of her marriage and how she navigated the attacks against God’s plan for her marriage.  

“It would take faith, tenacity and standing against the enemy’s attempts to destroy it,” Scott said. “This is what I aim to share with anyone reading my book.”

Readers will be equipped with the necessary tools to rise above unrealistic expectations, escape the temptation to sin, the knowledge of how to avoid boredom in marriage and much more.

Being raised in a single-parent home, it was important for Scott to produce a book that testified to the beauty and complexity of marriage and family.

“I never saw what a strong marriage looked like as a kid — not even in my extended family,” Scott said. “I think that even as a young person, I knew that God had a plan for marriage, and it had to be a good one.”

Scott describes her intended audience as married Christian women ages 30-65. 

The book targets “wives who are considering divorce or separation, wives who are experiencing dissatisfaction in their marriage, wives whose needs are not being met and feel neglected by their husbands, wives who don’t feel the love connection any longer in their marriage, and wives who have lost themselves within the marriage and who need to feel whole again,” Scott said.

The thought-provoking book may also be enjoyed by women who simply want to have another resource to help strengthen their marriage.

“I really hope that women who read my book will feel an abundance of hope and encouragement about the prospects of their marriage,” Scott said. “I think they will better understand God’s plan for them as a wife, which was such an ‘Aha moment’ for me while I was writing the book.”

In addition to being an author, Scott is a digital creator and a retired educator. She is based in Carson. For more information about the author, her work and upcoming engagements, visit or follow her on Facebook and Instagram @taniacscott.

“Marriage Glue: Sticking to Your Vows Even When It Hurts” is available for $5.99 (eBook), $14.99 (paperback), $18.99 (hard cover) on via Amazon,, and 

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