BOOK CORNER: New romance novel offers fresh take on regency period

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Princess Syeira is the eldest daughter of the Romany King and has a distrust of Englishmen. Determined to see to it that her brother heals fully, Syeira reluctantly accepts the help of Captain Clifton.

Clifton is unprepared for the warmth of Roman camaraderie and his growing romantic interest in the princess. Will Syeira grow to love an Englishman? What is Clifton willing to risk for love?

Find out in “Always a Princess” by Clyve Rose.

“Always a Princess” was inspired by the author’s response to Chapter 39 in Jane Austen’s “Emma.”

“I enjoy Austen’s novels very much, but this passage always bothered me,” Rose said. “I did not like the treatment of Romany people in her work, or of any of the alternative voices that are marginalized in contemporary Regency stories. … My heroine grew out of my anger at how marginalized stories were often treated, though Syeira’s character owes more to Lizzie Bennett than Emma Woodhouse.”

“Always a Princess” was an important story for Rose to tell for both the characters and Roma heritage.

“My novels mostly beat about inside my brain until I have to let them out; the characters are insistent,” Rose said. “I also wanted to juxtapose the two very different groups of people sharing England in the Regency era. I felt this was important – not just for the story, but for all those of Roman heritage.”

“Always a Princess” will be enjoyed by readers who enjoy romance, especially.

“It’s intended for readers who like happy endings and students of human behavior,” Rose said. “Those who believe in love — on paper, anyway. It is sometimes easier to face love in a book instead of real life.”

Rose said she hopes readers enjoy the characters and the journeys those characters take.

“I hope my readers find a new take on an old favorite era,” Rose said. “I read and write as escapism, so I hope I offer this to my readers as well.”

“Always a Princess” is the first in trilogy that Rose said will involve these characters. The next book, “A King’s Mistress,” takes place about eight years after “Always a Princess” and is set to be released in the coming months. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Always a Princess” is available for $4 in print and digital formats on Amazon, Kobo, and other bookselling formats.


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