BOOK CORNER: ‘The Cost of Freedom’ shares musical journey of Marla Glen

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Cost of Freedom,” by Marla Glen and Stacey McClain, is an upcoming authorized biography that shares the remarkable musical journey of Marla Glen. The book chronicle’s Glen’s journey beginning with his upbringing during the 1960s in the Southside of Chicago through present day.  

“I was inspired to get this book out, because of the unusual series of events that led me to be a performer in Europe,” Glen said.

“One of the main unusual events that happened was Marla just drifted across the country from state-to-state playing open mic nights, he by happenstance met Nina Simone and Bo Diddley, and he dealt with the effects of the crack epidemic,” McClain said. “However, music seemed to be more of an interesting journey so Marla put down the crack pipe and ended up in New Orleans with a friend playing the harmonica on the streets.”

It was during one of the open mic nights in New Orleans that Marla was noticed by a French promoter and was propelled into the music industry.

Inside his book, Glen shares intimate details about his life including being mentored by Simone and Diddley, being exploited by shady promoters and managers in the music industry, having gold and platinum albums, his faith journey and much more.

It was important for Glen to share his story. 

“With all that I’ve been through, I just needed to get it out,” Glen said. “It was like an emotional cleansing for me.”

“The Cost of Freedom” will pique the interest of music enthusiasts and those who have struggled while working on their careers.

“I hope my readers will gain the idea of sticking to their passions,” Glen said. “Don’t let anyone discourage you from giving up on your dreams.”

In addition to being authors, Glen has been in the music industry for over 30 years and McClain is a veteran in the entertainment industry where she is now a television writer. Glen is based in Germany and McClain is based in Los Angeles. For more information about both authors and their work, visit

“The Cost of Freedom” is available for $19.99 (paperback) and $24.99 (hardcover) via for presales. Following the book’s release on Oct. 17, it also will be sold on Amazon.

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