BOOK CORNER: Triathlete triumphs over adversity in memoir

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“140 Miles of Life: A Remarkable Journey to Self-Acceptance & Love,” by Veronica Carrera, is a compelling story of the author’s journey through childhood and religious trauma and her enduring race towards healing.

The book was inspired following the author’s participation in an international speech competition. Her speech titled “140 Miles of Life,” led audience members to ask if Carrera would write a book about her life.

“At that point, I had not thought about it at all, but that thought stayed with me and when my grandma died five years ago, it broke my heart wide open, and I decided that this was the moment to start writing,” Carrera said. “I was ready to go deep into my heart and find the unknown jewels of wisdom hidden underneath my pain.”

Inside the book, Carrera shares some of the most pivotal events of her life including losing her mother as a child, being ostracized from the Mormon church after coming out at LGBT, training as an ironman triathlon athlete and the personal and spiritual transformation with shamanism and plant-based medicine.

The author also details how she broke down barriers and shattered glass ceilings in corporate America as an Afro-Latina immigrant.

It was important for the author to write a book that would be beneficial to others.

“I wanted to write my story to inspire people to rise above their circumstances, to help them be released from their suffering and rise from their ashes to recreate their lives with greater consciousness, wisdom and love,” Carrera said.

“140 Miles of Life” is intended for readers seeking healing in their lives, more love and a higher consciousness.

“Specifically, this book inspires many immigrants and people of color, the LGBTQ community, those who have gone through childhood and religious trauma and also those who are looking for deep spirituality by getting to know themselves and their light within,” she added.

In addition to being an author, Carrera is a sales leader for a global team at LinkedIn. She’s also building a holistic resort in Costa Rica. Carrera is based in New York and New Jersey. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“140 Miles of Life: A Remarkable Journey to Self-Acceptance & Love” is available for $22.30 via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books. 


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