‘Do you think this summer is better than last summer?’

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Caleb Redman


“Even though the pandemic is not as bad as last summer, I’m disappointed that we’re not further along. … With Delta and the other variants, I feel like everything is still up in the air.”

Juanita Guerrera

Culver City

“It’s much better than last summer.  Last summer we couldn’t do nothing. Everything was closed, even the beach.”

Ivan Daquigan


“I can’t even remember last summer. I guess it feels the same. At least we’re not in quarantine, but we still have to keep our distance and wear masks.”

Natalie Ruiz

Culver City

“I’ve gone to a concert and I’ve gone to the movies, which I couldn’t do last year, so that’s more. My big fear is the fall because if it gets worse, nobody is going to go back into lockdown.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Culver City.

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