‘How can our immigration system be improved?’

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Brandon Williams


“They treated the Haitian like slaves. That was just wrong. …  I don’t know how it can be improved. There’s just too many people that want to come here.”

Victoria Rios

Los Angeles

“People need to be treated with respect. First it was the cages and now it’s rounding people up like cattle. The whole system is racist and corrupt.”

Jimar Jackson

Los Angeles

“I don’t even know where they could start because everybody has a different story. You got the people from Afganistan, the Hispanics, the Haitians and who knows who else. They all want to be safe.”

Leonard Avery

Los Angeles

“We got to get ourselves together and stop letting so many people in. I feel bad for them … but we got work to do.  Letting more people in is just not the answer.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Gilbert Lindsay Recreation Center in South Los Angeles.

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