High school author writes guide for middle schoolers

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Super Guide to Surviving Middle School” by Dakota Rayne Jacobs is an exciting new guidebook that will help young readers navigate the stresses and joys that accompany middle school life.

As a ninth grader on her way to 10th grade, Jacobs understands firsthand the challenges and changes students encounter when making the transition from elementary to middle school.

The small book was inspired by the author’s experiences in middle school.

“Being in middle school, I realized how difficult it was to find social groups, change in the locker room, find my classes and decent friends,” Jacobs said. “Now that I have come out of it alive, I wanted to share some tips for other kids.”

“The Super Guide to Surviving Middle School” addresses some of the challenges that students may encounter in middle school such as making new friends, navigating social media, locker room norms, balancing multiple classes, grades and more.

“It was important to create this book to help kids deal with the challenges of middle school,” Jacobs said. “At this age is when anxiety and depression begin to surface so this book will help ease any anxieties of entering middle school.”

Jacobs’ favorite part of her book is the chapter that addresses changing in the locker room.

“It’s fun because we get to talk about things while we’re in the process of changing,” Jacobs said. “Nobody’s being rude about your body and there are options to go somewhere else, like a changing room, but it’s more fun when you’re socializing when you’re changing.”

“The Super Guide to Surviving Middle School” is intended for fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students. It’s the author’s hope that her readers “will be inspired to do great in middle school and have fun and meet good friends.”

This is Jacobs’ second book. She published her first book, “The Cold Winter Survivors,” when she was in the sixth grade.

In addition to being an author, Jacobs is a high school student who enjoys playing the piano, singing and painting for her Etsy business. She is currently working on an album. She lives with her family in Long Beach. To connect with the author, visit her Instagram: @kotabeary.

“The Super Guide to Surviving Middle School” is available for $7.99 via Amazon and most other online book selling platforms.

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