Leimert Park art gallery launches fund drive to stay open

By Jordan Eversley

Contributing Writer

LEIMERT PARK — A local art gallery has started a fund-raising drive in an attempt to keep its doors open.

The Lion Art Gallery, which opened in 2017, considers itself a community-centric establishment that has been a focal point for local artists, art enthusiasts and the community at large. But financial difficulties have plagued the gallery for the past couple of years. 

The gallery has heavily relied on ticket sales, event sponsorships and donations to sustain its operations. However, with changing economic landscapes and unforeseen challenges such as the global pandemic, revenue streams dwindled, putting the gallery in a precarious financial position. 

Efforts are being made to save the gallery, with local art organizations rallying to raise funds and awareness. 

Gallery manager Jordana Soares said “The Lion Art Gallery is more than an art gallery, it is a gallery with a mission. We are dedicated to providing a platform and support for local artists in our community and preserving the vibrant, dynamic culture of Leimert Park.”  

Soares has more than two decades of experience as a real estate consultant. She is joined in her mission by community change-maker Fabio Assis, who has a music and community development background, and art director Quincy Alexander. 

When asked why Leimert Park was chosen as the location for the gallery, Soares said, “Leimert Park is a hub of artistic expression and cultural diversity. This community, also known as Africa Town, is filled with writers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more, who all come together to share their talents and contribute to the vibrant culture of the area.” 

The closure of the gallery would mark the end of an era for both emerging and established artists who found a platform to showcase their work. Over the years, The Lion Art Gallery hosted numerous exhibitions, featuring diverse artists that resonated with the community. Local artists, sculptors, painters, and photographers saw the gallery as a stepping stone for their careers. 

Many artists have expressed appreciation for the gallery and stated why the space is so important. According to the artistic collective (Much Luv Creations), “I’m thankful to have a place to showcase my art in one of the most important places in the world … #LeimertPark. 

In addition to the impact on artists, The Lion Art Gallery’s closure will leave a void in the local events calendar. The gallery was known for hosting art workshops, lectures and collaborative projects that engaged the community. 

“We need support to market the artists and the art that is for sale, help fundraising to pay for our overhead and keep our programs in place and our doors open [and] need funding and support to expand our programs,” Soares added. 

Contributions to keep the gallery open can be made by visiting the gallery’s website at thelionquarters.com.

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