BOOK CORNER: New book, ‘The Silent Count,’ takes a look at climate change

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Nuclear engineer Dara Bouldin’s life is a mess, personally and professionally. She’s helping pay off her dad’s gambling debts, reeling from a failed relationship and is practically invisible at her job.

Natural disasters have become the norm and Dara has a plan to reverse climate change. With blessings from Congress and the president, she gets the chance to turn her dream into reality. Things are going well until she discovers a secret that could rewrite history in ways she never intended.

That’s the basis for “The Silent Count” by E. A. Smiroldo.

Smiroldo’s college nuclear engineering textbook served as the original inspiration for her debut book.

“It noted — shockingly — that nuclear explosives could be used to change unfavorable weather patterns,” Smiroldo said. “With climate change so prevalent in the news, marrying these ideas could make an intriguing premise.”

It was important for Smiroldo to write a book with a character that readers could connect with, and a book that also adds to the conversation about climate change.

“A young scientist like Dara may have brilliant ideas about the Earth’s warming, but with a pile of student debt, a traumatic past, recent heartbreaks, and a horrible boss, she can’t achieve her potential very easily,” Smiroldo said. “‘The Silent Count’ addresses how she overcomes these obstacles to fight for her dream, something I hope we all can do — not just for the planet but for our own lives.”

“The Silent Count” is a thrilling page-turner that will be enjoyed by women of all ages, as it addresses many issues women face, like starting a career, finding love, self-discovery, trust and more. Fans of romance, espionage, and climate issues will enjoy this book as well.

“Besides a thrill ride, I hope readers will gain a bit more awareness about climate change, perhaps beyond the narratives we hear in the media or from various special interests,” Smiroldo said. “Sadly, there’s a lot of green-washing out there where what’s presented as ‘eco-friendly’ really isn’t, or where scientists promoting certain dubious ideas on climate change are on someone’s payroll.”

In addition to being an author Smiroldo is a nuclear engineer and musician, based in Washington, D.C. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“The Silent Count” is available for $16.99 on Amazon.

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