STREET BEAT: ‘Is the homeless situation getting better?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Los Angeles.

Pam Dorsey
Fort Washington, Maryland
“No. From what I can see, it’s obvious that it’s not. I don’t have it so much in the community that I live in, but in Washington D.C., which is the closest city to me, it’s very prevalent there.”
Kelvin H.
Washington, D.C.
“I’ve been here for four days and from what I’m seeing, no. … It’s bad in Washington D.C, also. I don’t see any decrease in it. I pray and hope that someday it will be better.”
Joni Arlain
Los Angeles
“I haven’t really walked around, but I know whenever I’ve driven around, I’m just blown away. Especially with all the encampments in different areas. … People are … not able to afford rents.”
Mildred Newkirk
Los Angeles
“No. … When you’re charging $2,000 for a one-bedroom, even making $15 an hour minimum wage, you got to work two to three jobs to pay your rent.”



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