STREET BEAT: ‘Was Will Smith justified in hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the Culver Slauson Recreation Center.


Bruce Johnson
“No he was not. First of all, he was at the Oscars. That’s what comedians do at the Oscars. They razz the audience. When your turn comes, you know it’s coming.”
Earnest Williams
Los Angeles
“I don’t think he was justified. … I don’t think that was the appropriate venue to react on that. It wasn’t like he was physically threatening her life. It was a joke.”
Derrick Hill
Los Angeles
“If my wife had alopecia and somebody made a joke about her, I believe it would be justified. My wife, my kids, they’re off limits. So I feel he’s justified. … Right thing to do, wrong place to do it at.”
Ronald Smith
“He was justified, but not at the Oscars. When Cuba Gooding won an Oscar for Jerry McGuire, he did a back flip on stage and he’s never acted in a good movie since.”
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