STREET BEAT: What are you thankful for this year?

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Westwood.

Eric Thomas

Los Angeles

“I’m thankful that it’s 2021, soon to be 2022 and we’re still here. We’re able to begin the process of getting back to the things we love with our friends and our family.”

Greg Hedgepath

Baldwin Hills

“I’m thankful for my wife and daughter. I’m thankful that I was blessed with the ability to work with sound and that I was able to come out to Hollywood and use that talent and help make a living for us.”

Rebecca Hedgepath

Baldwin Hills

“I’m honestly grateful and thankful that so many people are safer than they’ve been at the beginning of the pandemic. The stress level, the anxiety is still present, but we have ways of taking care … of each other.”

Tricia Cochee

Los Angeles

“I am thankful for my mother still being with us at 91 years old. Thankful for our family being together and everyone’s healthy. We’re working on wealthy, as well.”


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