BOOK CORNER: Author shares his journey of caregiving in ‘Still Here’ series

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Mama is Still Here!” and “Daddy is Still Here!” by Norris Roberts is an inspiring new book series detailing his experience as a caregiver for his family.

“Mama is Still Here!” takes readers through the all of the stages of Alzheimer’s disease and “Daddy is Still Here!” is framed around the stages of caregiving and the death of his mother.

Each chapter is titled with a rhythm and blues song from the 1960s and 70s and consists of an inspirational quote, followed by song facts, flashback stories, scripture help and prayers.

“The Still Here” series was written in tribute to Roberts’ family.

“My mother was still here when I published our story; a second book was always intended to share the rest of her story and death,” Roberts said. “The remaining part of her journey was shared in the next book, ‘Daddy Is Still Here;’ the second book is the back story to the first book.”

It was important for Roberts to create a book that shed light on the how Alzheimer’s disease impacts those who have it, their caregivers and their families.

“We were a family in a crisis like many families in the world and it is a story that is often not shared,” Roberts said. “I wanted to share the story from my perspective as an African-American man in his early 40s.”

“The Still Here” series is intended for those interested in learning more about Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving.

“I believe those who will benefit from my story the most are those beginning a similar journey and those who want to understand and support others going through a similar journey,” Roberts said.

It’s the author’s hope that his series has a positive impact on readers.

“My greatest hope is that those going through similar situations may use my story to better navigate their Alzheimer’s and caregiving journey,” Roberts said. “I want readers to learn to cope, care and conquer their fears with Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving.”

In addition to being an author, Roberts is a technology professional and educator. He lives with his family in St. Louis. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“Mama is Still Here!” is available for $16.99 (print) or $9.99 (E-Book) and “Daddy is Still Here” is available for $17.99 (print) or $10.99 (E-Book) via, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more book selling retailers.


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