Supervisor encourages voters at tour of early voting centers

By Jose Ivan Cazares

Contributing writer

ELYSIAN PARK — County Supervisor Hilda Solis visited voting centers in her district, including Dodger Stadium Oct. 30 to thank county employees and volunteers working the polls, greet voters casting their ballots and encourage those who haven’t yet voted to do so.

The county opened voting centers to make voting more widely available before Election Day and during the COVID-19, when crowded polling stations could help spread the virus.

Voters at Dodger Stadium were pleasantly surprised at the lack of crowds and the scenic view of the Los Angeles skyline as they cast their ballots.

“The experience was great,” said Lorraine Ortiz of Montebello. “I didn’t expect it to be so easy, but it was very well organized. I grew about half a mile away from Dodger Stadium, so I was actually very happy to be able to come up here and cast my vote, but I was expecting it to be packed.”

Like many voters at Dodger Stadium, Ortiz proudly wore team memorabilia while celebrating the Dodgers’ World Series victory. She said she was going to cast her vote anyway, but decided to enjoy a visit to the stadium, since she’s only been able to visit once this year for a COVID-19 test.

“Voting is our civic duty, and I’m getting to enjoy a great view of L.A. and the stadium, so it was great,” Isai Urquilla, an East Hollywood resident, said.

Solis said the county is focused on making voting both accessible and engaging to improve turnout. Almost half of registered voters in L.A. County have cast their ballot so far.

“This is the most crucial election ever, in my opinion, so we’re really encouraging people to come out to vote. You could vote here at Dodger Stadium if you want all the way to Election Day or at any of our voting centers,” Solis said.

All voting centers in Los Angeles County will be open on Election Day until 8 p.m.