‘What gun law changes would you like to see made?’

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David Lewis

Los Angeles

“I don’t really think guns are the problem. People are the problem. … You have to look at who is shooting who and then you’ll know what the problem is.”

Jamal Davis

Los Angeles

“Maybe we should have stricter gun laws, but a lot of the people with guns, get them legally. The ones that don’t, the laws won’t do nothing to them.”

Dawn Jenkins

Los Angeles

“There should be a longer waiting period or something, so people can get checked out. Guns are way too easy to get. … And people shouldn’t be able to buy assault weapons. Why do you need a gun like that?”

Rickey Thomas

Los Angeles

“I know plenty of people that have a gun or more than one for home safety. You really do need a gun nowadays.  People are crazy and you never know.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the Ladera Shopping Center.

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