BOOK CORNER: Author offers comedic take  on Hollywood adventures By Marissa Wells

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“The Wrath of Blonde: (The Making of Star Trek II, and Other Wild Hollywood Adventures as an Amazon in Outerspace),” by Laura Banks, tells the comedic story of the author’s life as she grew up in Kansas and ventured to Hollywood to pursue acting where she landed a role in “Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan” and went on to star in other action pictures. 

“I feel like a Hollywood Mrs. Maisel, passing at the best clubs as a comic and befriending famous folks along the way,” Banks said. “I had $500 to my name and knew no one in L.A. but, no matter the cost, I was determined to fail … and win.”

“The Wrath of Blonde” is made up of short essays that detail her life in Hollywood from 1979 to 1985 as she navigated the entertainment industry and the various celebrities she ran into along the way, including Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg. Inside the book, Banks also opens up about her childhood and some of the hardships she overcame like the suicidal death of a brother.

It was important for Banks to write this book to help others and herself. 

“To warn other women, with humor, who wish to come to Hollywood to beware and give some clues about how to do it right, often not the way I did it,” Banks said. “The story was told for me first, so I could look at my life and make sense of it, then let it all go.”

As readers journey with Banks they will see the value in taking chances and gain “a sense of confidence knowing that it’s in the screwing up of things that success lives.”

The book will be relatable and motivational for readers in pursuit of their dreams. 

“Maybe it will inspire some to try standup or improv comedy, two of my favorite things in the world; go for their craziest dreams and schemes and never look back,” Banks said.

In addition to being an author and actress, Banks is an astrologer and standup comedienne. She is based in both Asheville, North Carolina, and New York City. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“The Wrath of Blonde: (The Making of Star Trek II, and Other Wild Hollywood Adventures as an Amazon in Outerspace)” is available for $15.99 (print) and $5.99 (Kindle) on Amazon.

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