BOOK CORNER: New children’s book offers lessons about travel to Africa

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Malik’s Magic African Alphabet Hat,” by Malik and Oni Adunni, is a children’s book where a young boy named Malik travels to Africa from countries A through Z observing the various landmarks of each country.

On his journey, Malik encounters animals not in a zoo, a royal palace, a haunted house, a ghost town and much, much more.

The children’s book was written in honor of the author’s late husband, who championed travel for young people.

“It’s a really big world and when you travel, you can enhance your mind through learning about others things and other cultures. That’s something that my husband would preach to our son, Malik, all of the time,” said Oni Adunni.

Inside the book, readers will follow Malik as he travels from landmark to landmark on the continent of Africa using the magical hat that his father gave him. The letters on his hat change to the first letter of the country he’s visiting.

Some of the countries visited include Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana and more. Some of the author’s favorite places Malik travels are the Tree Top Adventures Park in Midrand and the Festival of Masks celebration in Ivory Coast.

“The educational aspect of the book is wonderful,” Adunni said. “I also imagine kids putting themselves in the pictures and having that kind of equally fun time as Malik.”

“Malik’s Magic African Alphabet Hat” is intended for children ages 3-12 but the message surrounding the importance of travel will no doubt resonate with adult readers as well.

It’s the author’s hope that readers of her book will be inspired to travel, explore the world and create memories.

“People who travel and visit landmarks throughout the world, learning about people’s culture and history, are creating good memories that will always remain in their hearts,” Adunni said.

In addition to being an author, Adunni is a retired college professor. She lives in the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her co-author visit

“Malik’s Magic African Alphabet Hat” is available for $16.95 via, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Black book stores.


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