Story of women’s disappearance is unsettling yet hopeful mystery

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Six years ago, Anna Williams vanished, leaving behind many unanswered questions. Her younger sister, Katie, has drifted through life filled with guilt, grief and anger over Anna’s unsolved disappearance.

Katie has now taken the investigation into her own hands as she searches for answers in her sister’s missing person’s file and discovers some of the dark truths of Anna’s life.

So goes “Fine,” by AmyLea Murphy.

“Fine” was inspired by the author’s desire to address the difficulties one faces and how they can be invisible to others.

“I loved the idea of highlighting the ever-widening gap between the authentic emotional lives of teenagers (and everyone, really) and the act we all put on for each other,” Murphy said. “I also felt compelled to show the aftermath of what happens when someone disappears from our lives.”

The emotional and thought-provoking book addresses life-changing events such as loss, grief, sisterhood and trauma.

It was important for Murphy to write a book that shed light on the reality that suffering is a part of life.

“In our effort to fit in and be happy, we hide our struggles and pretend that we are fine,” Murphy said. “In doing so, we inadvertently create a culture where we expect everyone to do the same.”

“Fine” can be enjoyed by young adults and adults.

Murphy’s favorite part of her book is the multimedia approach of the story.

“The way the story unfolds through police interviews, excerpts from Anna’s diary, text messages, etc. will give readers a unique perspective into what happened to Anna, almost like looking through a kaleidoscope,” Murphy said.

It’s Murphy’s hope that readers will feel empowered after reading “Fine.”

“Anna and Katie’s story is one that will leave readers outraged, confused, angry, hopeful, annoyed and a variety of other emotions,” Murphy said. “I hope that taking this journey with the Williams’ sisters will allow readers to rediscover their personal power to rewrite their own stories and become a hero in the stories of others.”

In addition to being an author, Murphy is a lawyer and mother. She lives in Palos Verdes.

For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Fine” is available for $14.99 (paperback) and $7.99 (e-book) via, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere books are sold.

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