Author shares scientific misconceptions in new book

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Science and Beyond: Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art, and Spirituality,” by Rolf Sattler, is an enlightening new book that addresses the role of science and its fundamental misconceptions that impact society.

The book was inspired by the author’s desire to address society’s view of science.

“These days, we hear so much about ‘science says this, science says that,’ and it’s often very distorted and that can have really harmful consequences,” Sattler said. “That was one of my main motivations for writing the book; seeing the situation in our society where fundamental misconceptions about science have grave and even disastrous consequences.”

“Science and Beyond” is made up of 11 chapters and each chapter addresses a fundamental misconception about science. Some of the misconceptions discussed include views of viruses, the belief that science can provide proof, science in relation to arts, spirituality and more.

It was important for Sattler to produce a book that addresses these topics.

“It’s important to create an awareness of the misconceptions about science so that we can avoid or reduce harm they cause to our health, sanity and well-being,” Sattler said. “Reaching beyond the limitations of science, as outlined in this book, can open the doors to a more fulfilled, saner, healthier, happier and more peaceful life and society.”

“Science and Beyond” is intended for those interested in the basic principles of science and what is beyond science.

It’s Sattler’s hope that his book proves to be educational for readers.

“If we are not aware of these misconceptions, then we fall prey to them and then we suffer consequences,” said the author. “I think being aware of these misconceptions can really give us greater insight and better health and more sanity.”

In addition to being an author, Sattler is a professor emeritus at McGill University in Montreal. He is based in Kingston, Ontario. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“Science and Beyond: Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art, and Spirituality” by Rolf Sattler is available for $16.49 (paperback) and $0.99 (E-book) on, Amazon, and more book selling outlets.

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