New book offers stories from perspective of children


By Marissa Wells

“Long Tales for Short Tails: Lancie’s Lessons by Letter & Tales 4 Through 7,” by serial storyteller Duane Lance Filer, is filled with stories that explain experiences from a child’s point of view.

“The stories take place in our homes growing up; parks, parties, camping, museums, schools,” said the author.

The new children’s book was inspired by the author’s own life.

“As in most of my writings, I remember bits and pieces of incidences from my childhood and different people and stories learned from characters/ friends I’ve bumped into the past 67 years,” Filer said. “Then, when I had my two kids, Arinn and Lance, I was able to experience many of the same incidences through a parent’s/adult’s eye — and I just had to write these stories for the world to see.”

“Long Tales for Short Tails” is intended for people of all ages.

“Kids will understand and recognize many of the experiences and what their parents told them; while teens and adults will be transported back to their youth when they may have experienced similar instances of life,” Filer said.

It’s important for Filer to produce books that promote diversity so that readers of color of all ages can relate to characters that look like them.

“I remember when growing up in Compton, in the late 1950s, early 1960s — loving children’s books and cartoons on Saturday morning TV,” Filer said. “I also remember asking my parents ‘how come none of the people in these books or on the cartoon shows look like me or any of my friends on the street or in Compton?’”

The characters in “Long Tales for Short Tails” will experience exciting events such as visiting the museum for the first time, going camping for the first time, and more.

The author is currently working on a follow up to his book, “The Legend of Diddley Squatt.” The new book will further highlight the adventures of Diddley. Filer lives with his family in Carson.

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“Long Tales for Short Tails: Lancie’s Lessons by Letter & Tales 4 Through 7” is available for $26.99 (Hardcover), $18.99 (Softcover), and $3.99 (E-book) on Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

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